Here’s what others say about the Swiss World Atlas

«With the Swiss World Atlas, you can develop a very good understanding of the world.»

, Upper Secondary School Student, Schulhaus Gelbhausgarten, Schaffhausen

«I really like the Swiss World Atlas, as you can work well with it and it’s really easy to use. With the Swiss World Atlas, you can develop a very good understanding of the world and I really like all of the images.»

«The new Swiss World Atlas is vital for teaching geography.»

Prof. Dr. Monika Reuschenbach, lecturer at the Zurich University of Teacher Education, project manager for the ‘Weltsicht’ (World view) teaching materials and member of the Swiss World Atlas Advisory Committee

«The new edition of the Swiss World Atlas will play a vital role in future geography education. The atlas forms the basis of the new ‘Weltsicht’ (World view) teaching materials that will be available to all of German-speaking Switzerland’s lower-secondary classes from spring 2018. I was especially impressed with the new maps, the many topical references to contemporary geography lessons, its simple, well-conceived overview and the information provided on orientation skills. The atlas’ plethora of maps was vital to the development of the ‘World view’ teaching materials, as the materials can draw on the atlas content and maps as a basis for classroom work. Teaching professionals can look forward to two brand-new works that reference each other – and can start to incorporate the World Atlas into their lessons from this year onwards.»

«The Swiss World Atlas: an indispensable geography teaching aid

Alberto Martinelli, grammar school teaching expert in Ticino and member of the Swiss World Atlas Advisory Committee

«Technological developments have changed our libraries; today, shelves go empty in the advent of a growing digital archive. New editions and publications are increasingly unavailable in an analogue format. However, for some products this is not the case – and the Swiss World Atlas is one of them. The 2017 edition featuring new and revised content and an updated, modern design confirms this. The Swiss World Atlas is a vital tool for developing an understanding of your own country and the world. The atlas should not be confined to our classrooms; it also comes in handy at home, inviting you to browse and discover more about the world, and making it easier to search for reliable information that you cannot find in a more compact form on the internet.»

«The Swiss World Atlas has a very clear design.»

T. L., Upper Secondary School Student, Schulhaus Gelbhausgarten, Schaffhausenn

«I really like the layout of the new Swiss World Atlas. It is very clear and features lots of new images. It’s also impossible to find fault with the design – I think it’s really great.»

«The atlas’ wealth of fascinating general knowledge is truly unique.»


Michael Hürlimann, Lecturer at the Zurich University of Teacher Education

«When preparing geography lesson plans, I am always surprised and distracted by fascinating titbits from the Swiss World Atlas. For example, I didn’t know that the Bora Bora airport runway is approx. 1.8 km long, or that an enormous number of windbreakers and shopping centres have popped up in Sarganserland over the last 70 years. The atlas’ wealth of fascinating general knowledge is truly unique and you can quickly become completely engrossed in it. For students, the Swiss World Atlas offers a number of different approaches to understanding geographical issues. It is therefore always a pleasure to show new teachers the vital knowledge and interesting applications and teaching methods supported by the Swiss World Atlas. Of course, I hope that they will continue to use the Swiss World Atlas regularly in their daily work as geography teachers.»

«The Swiss World Atlas is unparalleled in its precision.»

Dr. Konrad Weber, Geography Teacher

«The atlas contains a vast wealth of information while maintaining absolute clarity, meaning its maps can be used to learn an incredible number of details and interdependencies. In the classroom, you can really dig down into your topic using the Swiss World Atlas. One example of the detail included in the Swiss World Atlas’ maps is the overview map of France, which also depicts Corsica in its entirety and without oversimplification – and even Switzerland is presented in full. Unlike other maps of France from other publishers, the atlas presents the country within its environment, the European relief and the continental (and British) transport network – and even Paris’ centralised structure is easily recognisable. I also find that the atlas contains the names not only of the largest cities, but also of regions, areas and territories.»

«Web-based additional materials extend the broad offer.»

Mario Hartmann, Geography Teacher, Sekundarschule Gelbhausgarten, Schaffhausen

«More and more data can nowadays be depicted in maps, which are important sources for information in our daily life. But to read maps, specific competencies are needed. The Swiss World Atlas is the perfect tool to develop and train those competencies because it offers well selected maps to do so. The fold-out general key as well as the additional materials which are offered on the website are of particular value. Modern geography teaching can not be imagined without the Swiss World Atlas.»

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    ICA Public vote 2017

    The Swiss World Atlas 2017 edition wins the public vote in the category ‘atlases’ at the International Cartographic Exhibition in Washington DC (USA).

    Prix Carto 2011

    An innovation award for the interactive version of the Swiss World Atlas, granted by the Swiss Cartographic Society.

    Prix Moebius – Multimedia 2011

    A special prize for the best digital development, granted by the Fondazione Möbius Lugano for the interactive version of the Swiss World Atlas.

    International Map Exhibition Award 1997

    An award in the ‘Atlas’ category, granted for the Swiss World Atlas by the International Cartographic Association (ICA).

    Goldene Schiefertafel 1994

    A prize recognising the Swiss World Atlas as an outstanding teaching aid, granted by the Jugend und Wirtschaft association.